"She dwells with Beauty—Beauty that must die" - John Keats

I finally made a thing and put it up on Issuu: She Dwells With Beauty. Please click through to read. I’m considering doing a limited printing if there’s enough interest (and people wouldn’t mind parting with a few bucks for shipping, printing.)

I dedicate this to @vivian-fu and shutl0w who listened to me ramble last year about wanting to make a zine.  Also dylancaderao who has always wanted me to put something together.

Thank you for taking any time at all to read this even if you just ctrl+w or scroll by. 

I’d appreciate any and all comments.

This is really beautiful.

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in the future, human nature is antiquated 

and vegans think their food is CRUELTY FREE. 

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“White is missing lots of screws. Screws for my heart. He made me broken. God did. And him too, Black too. He’s missing screws too, screws for his heart. But I gots all the screws Black needs. I got every one!”

still beautiful 

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