KINGDOM has been putting dance floors in ecstatic trances for many years. He joins us during pride in Palm Springs at HANDS ON, as DJ Day’s special ¡Reunión! guest. Catch him from 10pm til late on Thursday in the Amigo Room at Ace Hotel & Swim Club, and get to know him a little better below.

What’s inspiring you at the moment?

I just moved to LA a year ago from Brooklyn, this place is inspiring me, the climate, the mountains, the ocean, and also my crew here (Nguzunguzu & Total Freedom) inspire me a lot. Recently we did a Fade to Mind showcase in Mexico City and feeling that city for the first time was also great.

What are you working on right now?

I have a lot of new music out there at the moment! My songs Take Me and If You Buckare out now, and my next EP Dreama will be out November 22nd. Also my label Fade to Mind will be releasing NYC-based Ballroom/Vogue producer MikeQ’s debut EP November 21st. We will be celebrating both releases with a huge party in LA at Los Globos on the 18th.

On that note, join us for a free screening of PARIS IS BURNING, a 1990s documentary about NYC Ballroom and Vogueing culture — screening Friday night at 8:30pm at HANDS ON.

Take Me ft. Naomi Allen by kkingdomm

if you dont like Kingdom you need to change something about what youre doing because he is so good.  look at that weird ass sweater, and that fucking hat.  you dont even know what that shit is because he stole it from the future.  

one time i saw him with a friend at Town East Mall in fucking Mesquite, Texas.  later i saw him playing and he was wearing this airbrush graphic t of some shit from the future and now i am convinced there is a time machine at Town East because theres no way any other person could go to that mall and leave with something that .

even if you dont like dance music just listen to Kingdom.  he really is that good.